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Phenix 2017 Phenix 2017
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Phenix Offspring:

2021 Filly: Phable of Rapunzel -- by Phenix out of Rapunzel (Danish mare by Rambo)

It was always Keri's dream to show and win at Dressage at Devon- Keri purchased Phable of Rapunzel from the farm when she was only 4 weeks old. Keri began her journey to Devon when the filly placed 1st in the 2021 Fillies class with a score of 80.1%. Phable of Rapunzel went on to be Reserve Champion Foal (qualified for USDF East Coast Championship DSHB- Dressage at Devon) and was High Score for Westfalen NA at Lexington Spring Dressage. She continued to show successfully thru the season and finished with Dressage at Devon. At Devon, she was first in the Pony 2021 filly class and went on to be Pony Foal Champion, Reserve Young Horse Pony Champion and Reserve Grand Pony Champion- what a performance by a weanling! Dreams do come true.

2021 Filly: Persephone -- by Phenix out of a Hanoverian mare- Lucky Be A Lady by Lordship out of a Riverman mare.

Persephone Video

She was shown successfully at Lexington Spring Dressage- placed second in the 2021 fillies class with a score of 77.40%, She went on and placed 3rd in the Foal Championship class and Reserve Champion in the Jovee Farm Pony Class. At her Westfalen inspection she was awarded Premium status. In the video, she is the bay that is by the gray mare.

2017 Colt: Presley VZ -- (Phenix x Versailles, Ferro)

Presley At Liberty Video:
Presley Video

Presley FreeJumping Video:
Presley Video

2021 Presley VZ had a successful 2021 with his breeder, owner and rider- she showed him training and first level successfully that ended with this. She writes: Presley VZ pulled it off this weekend— 💖 💖 💖 💖 this 4 year old—scoring above 70% in all 3 tests in 3 days of showing— saving the hardest test for last with the hardest ring— Reserve Champion at First Level at the CBLM Championships on Sunday — Champion at Training Level at the CBLM Championships on Saturday & also winning a First Level Test 1 on Friday!! So lucky to have another homebred with a fan club!!

2020 Presley showed at Labor of Love in 2020 and was Champion of the 3-year-old Sport Horse Prospect Championship. The champion was named based on the combined score from the 3-year-old in-hand and Materiale classes.

2019 Presley showed successfully at USDF Dressage Sporthorse Breed Shows: Highlights include: placed 1st at Raleigh Summer dressage with a score of 78.3% in the Oldenburg ISR & GOV IBC , NCDCTA Labor of Love was shown by Junior Handler and received a 78.7. Spycoast Young Horse Show Series- he placed First in hand and placed Second in the free jumping.

2018 Winner of his Yearling Classes at both Raleigh Summer Dressage Breed Show I & II.
2018 Winner of his Yearling Class at the Young Horse Show Series Qualifier in Tryon, NC
2018 Champion Yearling of the Young Horse Show Series Championship in Tryon, NC

Judge’s comments from the Young Horse Show Series Qualifier: “well developed, large framed, well proportioned, shows good suspension in trot, good articulation in trot, scopey canter, good shape/length neck, well connected top line, dressage prospect”. Scores: Conformation 8.0, Quality of Gaits 8.7, Overall Athleticism 8.5, Overall Impression 8.7.

Presley won High Score Award and Premium colt at ISR/Oldenburg Inspection- score 8.1. Owners report- "We are loving the great mind on this colt".

Presley VZ 2017

Presley -- 2018 Video:

Presley -- 2018 Video:

Presley -- 2017 Walk Video:

Presley -- 2017 Trot At Inspection Video: ttps://

Presley -- 2017 Canter Video:

2019 Colt: Phonzie -- out of Rapunzel(Rambo) Danish mare

2019 Competition Highlights:Dressage at the Meadow, Phonzie scored a 81.85% and placed as Foal Champion( Qualified to compete at Dressage at Devon) and Champion of the Jovee Pony Farm Pony Championship, At Raleigh Summer Dressage he placed 2nd with a score of 78.6% and placed 3rd in the Foal Championship. He was Champion of the USDF IBC Westfalen 2019 colts and placed 5th in the nation for Horse of the Year for USDF 2019 Colts. He went on to be with his owners in the fall of 2019- he will be a mount for a junior rider.

2017 Filly: Peppa -- out of Rapunzel

2018 Competition Highlights: Peppa placed second in the Virginia Summer Dressage Filly Yearling class and went on to qualify for the USDF Breeders Championship Series Final competition at Dressage at Devon. She finished as the USDF All Breeds ISR/Oldenburg Reserve Champion Yearling Filly.

Dressage at Lexington Peppa was first in the 2017 Fillies class and went on to be the Champion in the USDF Foal Championship class. Also at Dressage at Lexington- she was Champion of the DSHB Jovee Pony Championship.

At Raleigh Summer Dressage I and II- Peppa was Reserve Champion in the USDF Foal Championship with scores of 82.15% and 80.95%. This qualified her to compete at Dressage at Devon in the USDF Final Foal Championship class - placed 8th with a score of 76.83%. Peppa was awarded Reserve Champion of the USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Horse of the Year with an 80.95%.and Reserve Champion for the ISR/Oldenburg All Breed Sport Horse Breeding for 2017 Fillies. At her inspection she was awarded 7.9 for movement.

Peppa 2017 Peppa 2017
Peppa 2017

Peppa Video:

Produce your own top-quality German riding pony!

Phenix ( 148cm w/shoes) is the result of some of the best German Riding Pony and Welsh Cob lines. His dam Clanfair Mary Kay is a 2004 Section D Welsh Cob mare with an excellent dressage pedigree that includes many Welsh Pony and Cob Society of America (WPCSA) Legion of Merit winners.

At her 2010 ISR/Oldenburg NA inspection, Mary Kay received many 8’s with an overall score of 109. She was awarded Mare Book Premium status, received ISR/Oldenburg NA’s second place for the 2010 High Score Mare Award. She is also approved Westfalen. Mary Kay’s grandsire is Kentchurch Chime, one of the first ponies to compete in FEI dressage here in the US. He won the Region 9 Grand Prix championship and produced many FEI-level competitors.

Popeye- Phenix's sire, finished fourth overall at his 30-Day test in Germany with an 8.3 overall. His walk and character were highlights, each receiving scores of 9 or higher. In his first year in the US, Popeye was the Reserve Champion of the USDF East Coast Stallion Final at Dressage at Devon. Popeye has shown through Fourth Level dressage with scores into the 70’s and was the 2011 Reserve Champion at Fourth Level at the BLM Finals. To showcase his versatility, Popeye began eventing in the fall of 2012. He has been successful up to Training Level, competing with two different riders and often finishing on his dressage score. Popeye has sired many Premium offspring and two licensed stallions. His offspring are easy to start and are winning under saddle in dressage, hunters, and eventing.

Phenix received his certified Breeding License with the ISR/Oldenburg NARegistry in September, 2015. He received many scores of 7, with his walk receiving an 8. In 2018, Phenix was officially accepted Westfalen, Otto Schalter noted that he had a quiet temperament and incredible jumping ability. Breeders can also register their foals using Welsh Pony and Cob Society of America.

His offspring are following in his footsteps: Presley, a 3 year old colt by Phenix showed at Labor of Love in 2020 and was Champion of the 3-year-old Sport Horse Prospect Championship. The champion was named based on the combined score from the 3-year-old in-hand and Materiale classes. In 2019 Phonzie, placed as Champion foal at Dressage at the Meadow with a 81.5% and was Champion for 2019 USDF Westfalen All Breeds award. His first offspring are under saddle and have been proven easy to start with talent for jumping and dressage.

Phenix crosses well with warmblood mares and the offspring are balanced, athletic and show a superior temperament and work ethic.They can be registered ISR/Oldenburg, Westfalen or Welsh pony and Cob Society.

Phenix has very correct conformation with a big shoulder, powerful hindquarters and big gaits. At his initial breed inspection, he received an 8.2 for movement. But his best feature is a calm and willing attitude.

He continues to live up to his parentage. Phenix has had many successes in the USDF dressage Sporthorse horse breed shows as a youngster. He won many championships and year end awards and Phenix continues to show competitively undersaddle-- please see his competition highlights below.

Click on the links to watch his videos:

10/2018 video link for Phenix showing a Training 3 Test:

Phenix Westfalen Stallion Licensing:

Competition highlights include:

2023: Phenix was Champion of the USDF South East Breeders Final and USDF Horse of the Year for Stallions 4 years old and older under handler King Santacruz and Nataile Regal. In addition, Phenix was shown by a 13-year-old rider that had never competed in dressage at the National level. She won many first placings competing at national shows at training level and first level with scores mid 60's to low 70's, she placed 5th at region one USDF Regional Championship and was 1st alternative for the USDF National Championship. She finished off the year as her local GMO, NCDCTA, Champion Junior at Training Level.

2022 & 2021 Phenix finished showing first level (consistently scoring mid to high 60's and low 70's and received all his second level scores for his lifetime license thru Westfalen. At second level at USDF/USEF shows he received scores ranging 65% to 67.3% consistently placing 1st-3rd. He had several outings in the Eventing world locally and placing 1st and 2nd each time.

2020:USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Horse of the Year for stallions 4 years old and older. His top score was 78.1% at Labor of Love II and he also performed under saddle and receive a 71.3% in his First Level Test 3. In addition, he was High Score for ISR/Oldenburg at Made in the Shade with a 72.0 % and was top placing against many competitive warmbloods.

2019: He continued showing in 2019, competing at First level his successes include: Capital Dressage Classic scoring 66.5% with first and second placings, Prime Time Dressage placing 2nd with 66%.

2018: Successfully showed Training Level at USDF/USEF Competitions: Phenix earned many first and second placings against his warmblood competitors. NCDCTA Harvest Moon (host of the 2018 CBLM Dressage Championship) placing first and second with 72.17% & 68.86%, Dressage at Lexington placing first with score 70.44%, Summertime Blues placing first- score 70.2%, Raleigh Summer Dressage placing second with score- 68.7%.

2017:Virginia Summer Dressage--- Champion Stallion, Raleigh Summer Dressage I and II, Champion and Reserve Champion Stallion 4 years Old and Older, and Reserve Champion for Mature Horse Championship. Scores 77.15% and 77.35%. Phenix finished as placing 3rd in the US for USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Horse of the Year with a 77.15%

2015: At Raleigh Summer Dressage, he scored 74.8% and placed second in a very competitive Three-Year Old Colts and Geldings class, receiving great conformation scores with "8" for his walk. He then made his under-saddle debut at Dressage at Devon where he was competitive with his larger warmblood peers in the USEF/USDF Materiale Three Year Old Colts and Geldings class, earning fifth place with a score of 76.300%.

2014: As a two-year-old, Phenix earned the National Reserve Championship in the Oldenburg NA All-Breeds Awards, for Two-Year-Old Colts. He received a 9 for his walk: "clear rhythm, covers ground, uses topline well." And: "trot active, good use of hind legs, uphill tendency, attractive sportpony, strong loin and build." He qualified for the GAIG/USDF Breeders Championship with a score of 79.7, and at Dressage at Lexington he won the Pony Championship.

2013: Shown only once as a yearling, he placed second in the Yearling Colts and Geldings class at NCDCTA Labor of Love, with a score of 76.6.

2012: As a weanling, Phenix was National Reserve Champion in Adequan/USDF All-Breeds, ISR/Oldenburg Colts of 2012 (76.70%. and also finished 7th in USDF Year-end standings for All Colts of 2012. He was Reserve Foal Champion at VADA/NOVA summer breed show, which qualified him to compete in USDF/GAIG Final Foal Championship at Dressage at Devon. There he finished fifth with a score of 76.1.
Also at VADA/NOVA, Phenix won the breed class for all Oldenburg NA entries, of all ages, with a score of 77.1.

Phenix's Sire: Popeye, 14.2 hh, imported ISR/Oldenburg NA/Westfalen top-ranked stallion. Popeye is owned by Summit Sporthorses and stands at Hilltop Farm. See

Phenix's Dam: Clanfair Mary Kay, Section D Welsh Cob. Mary Kay has an excellent dressage pedigree that includes many WPCSA Legion of Merit winners. See more about Mary Kay on our Custom Breeding/Our Mares page.

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