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   It is often difficult to find a safe and natural environment in a traditional boarding arrangement to meet the needs of a growing horse.

Phenix in the field

  Jovee Farm is located in Brown Summit, in the scenic piedmont foothills of North Carolina. The climate and terrain are ideal for raising horse, and our farm is easily accessable—just 15 minutes from the Greensboro airport and major highways.

   When space permits, we will accept young sporthorses for our horse-raising services. We offer ample pasture turnout in small groups, so that the youngsters can learn herd dynamics and also have plenty of space for optimal growth and development.

   Our pastures are secure, safe, and managed for excellent grazing with a careful program of fertilizing, seeding, and manure management.

   Young horses are handled daily and fed individually, with no competition for food. Each field has a run-in shed and every horse is brought into a box stall during bad weather. Water is changed daily. We feed premium grain and an abundant amount of quality timothy/orchard grass hay.

   Every horse receives proper hoofcare, with regular vistis (every five weeks) from our expert farrier, who is patient and experienced with handling youngsters.

   Our facilities include 12 x 12 box stalls with rubber mats and fans, a lighted dressage arena (sand, with jumps and poles also available), a secure tack room and indoor wash stall.

   Space is limited and varies according to farm activities, so please be sure to contact us early about these services.

Angie Mirarchi of Jovee Farm

Photo: Susan J Stickle


   The owner is a lifelong horsewoman. Angie was raised on a small farm with a wide variety of livestock and wildlife. Her father taught her how to interact with animals—how to be still, to observe and listen. He also taught her the rudiments of riding. She began her formal education with huntseat riding in her early twenties and spent many years in the hunter world, then came to dressage about ten years ago.

   Angie spent several years at a well-established Hanoverian breeding farm, where she learned how to manage a top-quality farm and also developed her eye for conformation and movement. Jovee Farm was established in 2001, and the farm's breeding program began in 2006.

   All the horses and ponies that Angie has competed have been started by her under the guidance of professional trainers. She prepares her weanlings for in-hand breeding classes, and many Jovee Farm ponies have earned high honors in the USDF sport horse breeding programs. Angie continues her training through seminars and clinics, and also competes in dressage through Second Level.

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