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North America Petite Equines
2024 NA Equine Club!
North America Petite Equines
The NEW Club JUST for Small Horses!

What is a Petite Equine?
Petite Equines are over 148 and under 162cm unshod OR over 149 and under 163cm with shoes. Petite Equines must have a Measurement Form (below) filled out and signed by a Veterinarian - either at home or at the show. Petite Equines participate in any class at Made in the Shade I & II, any level (MFS, DSE and YH do not count - and, of course, no pony classes). AND - we keep measurements On File! Petite Equines under 8 years must be remeasured annually.

Jovee Pony Petite Equines Measure Form

Email your form to:
And...feel free to use the NDPC small horse form!

How do I join the North America Petite Equines Club?
Send in your measurement form. (that's it!)

Why do I want to join?
A TOC class will be held each day at Made in the Shade I, II & III which will be restricted to members of the North America Petite Equines. This class will be divided between National and FEI tests if entries warrant. Super ribbons & prizes await! The North America Petite Equines standings will be based solely on the Equine - not the rider. Each separate TOC class can have a different rider and different test for each Petite Equine. (remember an equine can only compete ONCE in any given class - riders can compete more than once in any given class)

What about the Jovee Small Horse Championships?
All members of the North America Petite Equines will be automatically entered into the Jovee Small Horse Championships. At Made in the Shade I & II (Friday and Saturday) Small Horse High Scores will be tabulated and prizes will be awarded - the North America Petite Equines TOC class will count towards these high scores. The top six scores from the two days will be honored with ribbons, prizes and a Victory Lap on Sunday (Made in the Shade III). Note: One placing per horse/rider combination and you must be present to win.

And the new Best Over-All Small Horse Award?
All members of the North America Petite Equines are encouraged to participate in the Breed Division. Juniors and AAs can enter the Jr/AA Handler Classes and all Small Horses that hold breed papers for any of our IBC classes can also enter those. The only catch is that to be considered for the Best Over-All Award the same person must be the handler and the rider.

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