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2023 Jovee Pony Championships!
2023 Qualified List
Jovee Pony Farm has graciously agreed to sponsor Pony TOC classes at participating dressage shows. Each participating show will be allowed one designated Jovee Pony Performance TOC. Any test may be ridden and beautiful ribbons and prizes will be awarded courtesy of Jovee Pony Farm. All Jovee Pony Farm performance classes will be pinned by division - AA, Open, Jr. These classes will also qualify for the Regionals and the CBLMs if the appropriate test is ridden.
Jovee Pony Farm will sponsor a Pony In-Hand class at participating breed shows. Each participating show will be allowed one designated Jovee Pony Breed Class.

We will be once again solicting un-opened toys for Toys For Tots at this show. Please bring an un-opened toy and help enrich the life of less fortunate children. See more information about Toys for Tots at:

Small Horses!
The Jovee Pony Championships will now include Small Horses.
Small Horses are over 148 and under 162cm unshod or over 149 and under 163cm with shoes.
Small Horses must have a Measurement Form (below) filled out and signed by a Veterinarian - either at home or at the show.
Small Horses participate in any class, any level
(MFS, DSE and YH do not count - and, of course, no pony classes).

AND - we keep measurements On File!
Small Horses under 8 years must be remeasured annually.

The top SIX scores from Friday & Saturday (1 per horse/rider) Made In the Shade High Scores will receive beautiful Ribbons and will be qualified for the Sunday Championships.

At the Championships - Sunday at Made in the Shade III - the top 6 Small Horse scores of the weekend will be honored with Ribbons and Prizes and an Awards Ceremony with Victory Lap.
Note: One placing per horse/rider and you must be present to win.

Jovee Pony Small Horse Measure Form

2023 Qualifying:
  • All ponies must have a current USEF Pony Measurement Certificate. In the Jovee Pony Breed Championships, if the pony is under 3 years of age they must present evidence that (1) sire and/or dam (either or both) are registered with a pony breed or (2) sire and/or dam have valid USEF Pony Measurement Cards.
  • To participate in the Junior Division, rider/handler must provide DOB showing they are 18 years or younger through the end of the calendar year.
  • To participate as an AA in the Performance Jovee Pony Championships, rider must hold a current USEF Amateur Card.
  • Jovee Pony Breed Championships will be divided Junior/Adult.

  • Performance Division
    • No minimum score is required.
    • ONE designated Jovee Pony TOC performance class must be completed - which may be completed at Made in the Shade I and/or Made in the Shade II (Sat./Sun - Aug 11 - 12, 2023 at the South Carolina Equine Park)
    • Pony and Rider qualify as a team for the Championships.
    Breed Division
    • No minimum score or placing is required.
    • ONE designated Jovee Pony Breed class must be completed - which may be completed at Made in the Shade I and/or Made in the Shade II (Sat./Sun - Aug 11 - 12, 2023 at the South Carolina Equine Park).
    • Pony and Handler qualify as a team for the Championships.
Over-All Best Pony Awards:
  • Ponies must complete both the Breed Championship Class and the Performance Championship class to be eligible.
  • Pony and Rider/Handler qualify as a team for the Over-All Best Pony Awards.
  • Determination of Winners of Over-All Best Pony Awards:
    • Breed Championship class placings will accrue Championship Points: 1st=6 points, 2nd=5 points, 3rd=4 points, 4th=3 points, 5th=2 points, 6th and below=1 point.
    • Performance Championship class scores will be multiplied by 0.1 to find the Championship Scores.
    • Breed Championship Points will be added to the Performance Championship Scores to find the winners - Adult and Junior.
Jovee Pony Farm
Breeding Hanoverian Horses and Westfalen Riding Ponies from the Finest Bloodlines.

The Championship will consist of one TOC Pony Class for the Performance and one Pony In-Hand Class for the Breed and will have an Awards Ceremony following tabulation of the results. Ribbons and Prizes await the winners.

2023 Participating Shows:

I Love Dressage
February 11-12 - Stable View - SC

Low Country Dressage Classic I
February 25 - Mullet Hall Equestrian Center - SC

Southern Comfort
March 4-5 - Stable View - SC

Raleigh Winter Dressage
March 3-5 - Hunt Horse Complex - NC

Dressage Spring Series I
April 22 - Poplar Place - GA

Spring Fever
April 22-23 - Stable View - SC

Spring Time Dressage I
April 29 - South Carolina Equine Park - SC

Tryon Spring Dressage 2
May 6-7 - Tryon Equestrian Center - NC

Raleigh Spring Dressage
Breed & Performance
May 13-14 - Hunt Horse Complex - NC

Do Dah Day Dressage
May 20-21 - Stable View - SC

Capital Dressage Classic
June 3 - Hunt Horse Complex - NC

Summer Series I
June 10 - Poplar Place - GA

Tryon Summer Dressage 1
June 16 - Tryon Equestrian Center - NC

Summer Solstice
June 16-17 - Stable View - SC

Dressage At Lexington
Breed & Performance
July 14-16 - Va Horse Center - VA

Only in America
July 15 - 16 - Stable View - SC

Raleigh Summer Dressage I
Breed & Performance
July 29 - Hunt Horse Complex - NC

Made In the Shade I, II
Breed & Performance
August 11-12 - South Carolina Equine Park - SC

Made In the Shade III
Jovee Pony Championships
CHAMPIONSHIPS Breed & Performance
August 13 - South Carolina Equine Park - SC

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