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Breeding Hanoverian horses
and Westfalen Riding Ponies
from the Finest Bloodlines.


At Jovee Farm, we produce wonderful large ponies and horses by carefully crossing top-quality mares with proven stallions, often using imported frozen semen. Mares and stallions are selected for performance, movement, conformation and temperament, as evidenced by inspection grading, show and performance records. Our goal is to produce the next generation of superb athletes, each with a great temperament, a demonstrated willingness to work, and a people-pleasing personality, while excelling in dressage and jumping competition.

Our foals are raised in an optimal small-herd environment, with careful attention to health, nutrition, daily handling and manners education. Jovee Farm's highly successful program has produced Phenix, our Sportpony stallion that is officially accepted Westfalen NA, approved ISR/Oldenburg. We also provide foaling and birth-to-weaning management, with gentling and handling to produce young horses with excellent manners and a solid foundation.Most, if not all of our youngsters are shown in hand at USDF Dressage Sporthorse Breed shows and are presented at inspections/futurities (Westfalen/Hanoverian). Mares and foals also presented to their registries for mare book approval/registration often with excellent results (Main Stud Book, Premium/Gold Medal).

Even though we usually produce just one or two a year, since our inception (2005) nearly 100% of our horses and ponies have qualified for the USDF Breeders Championship Series Finals held at Dressage at Devon. In addition, some of our Hanoverians have gone on to be the USDF Horse of the Year (DSHB)and many of our ponies have been Champions in the USDF All Breeds. In 2017 and also in 2020, we were Reserve Champion for the USDF DSHB Breeder of the Year and we earned our USDF Bronze Breeder of Distinction in 2019. Also in 2019, we produced the highest scoring mare for the US Hanoverian Inspection tours- Rockelle scoring 8.33.

In 2020 Rockelle went on to receive the Engler-Friedlaender Memorial Trophy as she was the Hanoverian mare that achieved the highest mare performance test score during the annual inspection in 2020 in the US.

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ALL NEW Jovee Pony Championships for 2021!
We are pleased to announce the NEW Jovee Pony Championships to be held at the Made In The Shade II show on August 15 at the Carolina Horse Park. This will be a true Championships complete with a Mounted Awards Ceremony for the Performance Championship. The Breed Championship will feature beautiful sashes and a Special 'Around The Arena' trot for the Champion and Reserve Champion.

To qualify for the NEW Jovee Pony Championships, the pony/rider and-or pony/handler must complete at least one Jovee Pony Class at qualifying shows. Please see Full Details (below) for a complete list of the qualifying shows.

Full Details of the 2021 Jovee Pony Championships

Qualified List

2020 Dressage Pony Championships Sponsored by Jovee Farm


   The 2020 Jovee Farm Pony Series Dressage Championships were awarded to the highest-placing ponies competing at USDF-recognized shows in North Carolina and Virginia. Winners are:
   Adult Champion -- Kathy Nekton on Bingham
   Adult Reserve Champion -- Katie Miller on Wildwyn Wesley
    Junior Champion -- Savannah Brown on Oreo Cookie
    Junior Reserve -- Iselle Longman on Hidden Midnight Shadow


2020 DSHB Awards

Royse by Rotspon out of Wiesling-score 81.95%

Rockelle (Rotspon out of Wiesling) receives top honors from the American Hanoverian Society
Hartwig Memorial Trophy for Highest Combined Inspection and MPT Scores for 3yo and 4yo Mares- Inspection score 8.33%

Jovee Pony Farm - Reserve Champion DSHB Breeder of the Year for 2020

Paisley Pony
Several Jovee Farm ponies are mentioned
in the March/April 2013 issue of The Paisley
Pony. See

Welsh Review
Jovee Farm's Phenix is featured in the
Welsh Review
, the publication of the
Welsh Pony & Cob Society of America.

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